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Enabling healthy practices and patients

Medcubics Medical billing software supports the day-to-day operations of hospitals, medical practices, and other healthcare facilities while empowering them to do what they do best. From Practice Management/Patient Intake/Mobile Apps to Work flow management tools, Medcubics helps transform the administrative and billing operations of healthcare organizations of all sizes.

Helping Practices Succeed

Whether you are a hospital, physician practice or a third-party billing service, our software provides innovative technology to deal with the complexities of revenue cycle management and work flow management designed to improve the efficiency and financial health of your practice.

Medcubics understands the practice needs and tailor our technologies to the practice workflow to ensure lifelong success. Clients enjoy the latest tools and technologies to integrate practice & patient workflow together for a revolutionary working experience.

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The Medcubics Approach

The all-in-one cloud suite from Medcubics is the unparalled choice for total practice performance. Technology is seamlessly integrated to give a consistent user experience and immediate access to all data centrally managed in the Medcubics cloud. Our solutions simplify decision making, streamline operations, and ensure compliance with industry standards and best practices; ultimately saving time and effort to maximize value and returns.

With Medcubics, Practices can achieve remarkable results: the ability to handle higher patient volumes with improved productivity and financial results. Grow your practice, treat more patients, work your way, Measure and benchmark your revenue.

Get Paid Faster

Unlimited claims with 100% real-time submission with our intuitive Claims management module and AR control center to track & fix unresolved claims.

Integrative Dashboard

Our dashboard delivers real time visibility into the financial performance and health of your account to fasten productivity and day to day workflows.

Specialty Driven

Our solutions are as unique as your specialty. Medcubics focuses on creating tools to be more effective and practice medicine your way.

Value & Cost

Unlike software, we are not a sunk cost. We don’t cost anything upfront and update automatically on new versions. Your ROI is through an improved billing efficiency.

99% uptime guarantee

We regularly implement effective solutions to ensure the software uptime is at its best in order to provide better and secured user experience.

Security & Privacy

Medcubics employs advanced security business continuity systems that prevent data loss while keeping your information secure, private and accessible.