Appointment Scheduling

Medical Scheduling Software for a Faster Front Office

Appointment Scheduling is an integral function of any healthcare organization, from family practices to large clinics, from Physician practices to Hospitals. Medcubics provides your front-desk staff with robust, yet intuitive scheduling capabilities. It is a user-friendly system that supports multiple providers, various locations and accommodates flexible time slots. We understand that meeting your commitments requires thoughtful balancing and orchestration. With Medcubics, you can check availability for multiple providers and various locations, schedule appointments, check-in, and check-out patients, send reminders and view past, present and future schedules anytime.

Multi-view Calendar

Get your own personalized calendars, by setting up office hours, appointment reason or appointment duration. You can have a daily, weekly or monthly view as well as the appointments for Physicians or Service locations.

Eligibility Verification

Reduce your administrative overhead and obtain the real-time eligibility and benefits for all your patients prior to the appointment. Our interface enables you to record patient payments and share benefits details on the spot.

Appointment Reminders

Minimize your no-shows by sending them automated reminders via Twillio. Customize your text messages such as, to carry the ID Card, Referral, etc. or about their outstanding balance and keep your patients informed.

Scheduler Snapshot

Get a ‘snapshot-view’ of appointments summary and their status for each provider and facility. Easy view on the patient’s demographics, contact information, appointment type & duration, right on the calendar.

Multi-functional Appointment List

Aid your staffs with our Multi-purpose appointment list to track their pre or post-appointment tasks. Let them Reschedule or Cancel appointments, Send Reminders, email, Create a claim – all from one screen.

Setup and Enforce Scheduling Rules

Providing the best customer support possible is something we are always committed to. Hence, we have designed a platform that enables you to configure powerful and customized instructions that govern the Scheduler functions.

Our Benefits

Medcubics Scheduling speeds up your scheduling processes so your front office team can focus on checking-in patients, collecting copays & assisting with administrative tasks. You can stop flipping through calendars & start enjoying a faster, better way to schedule.

  • Reduce patient no-shows with automated patient reminders
  • Manage Scheduling for multiple providers or locations in one Calendar
  • Verify eligibility in advance or real-time in just a click
  • Share Patient’s responsibilities like Copay and Deductible before the visit
  • Streamline your practice efficiency and reduce overhead costs
  • Reduce scheduling conflicts, improve patient satisfaction and increase office revenue

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