Document Management

Enjoy greater and easy convenience by storing your documents online

Medcubics offers some of the most powerful and proven healthcare document management solutions available for busy Medical practices. Whether you operate a single office or run a multiple-site medical practice, Medcubics DMS is a very economical yet flexible healthcare document management system designed to complement your existing clinical applications.

Store Documents

Simply drill-down into the affected insurance claims to correct and resubmit the claims with or without documents – electronic/fax/print. Appeals are prepared and sent using in-built templates. Posting insurance payments, adjustments or set for future follow-up are handled within the AR interface.

View and Print Documents

You can view your scanned documents using our built-in document viewer. View and navigate amongst the pages of your document. You can also add notes to your document or the individual pages of your document.

Attach Documents to Records

You can attach scanned documents or computer files to every major record type in Medcubics. You can attach copies of driver’s licenses, copies of insurance cards, medical reports, and more to patient records.

Manage and Organize Documents

Once you’re done entering a batch, you can link the corresponding documents to a patient or a payment posted. By following the workflow for all the documents, you won’t miss out any insurance letters that requires an action taken and has a time bound.

Security with backup

Audit trails and secure storage help protect practice and client information. They enhance the legal admissibility of documents and provide protection from any data threat.

Access Anywhere

Being out of the office no longer means being out of touch. Whether you’re on the road, at a client’s site or working from home, documents are all still instantly available. Save time for you and your clients using this proven DMS.

Our Benefits

Our DMS Offers wide-ranging benefits for billing managers and those involved in patient finances by improving financial efficiency and reducing errors and processing costs. By using document management, you can eliminate the paper and access your documents from any location.

  • DMS helps you lower your costs and enjoy greater convenience.
  • Allow multiple viewers to examine the same document simultaneously.
  • Retrieve, mark up and categorize information similar to paper-bound documents.
  • Greatly improves your business processes and patient care with minimal user training.

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