Mobile App – Charge Capture

The most powerful and accurate platform for capturing charges from anywhere

Medcubics mobile charge capture puts the power to maximize your reimbursement right at your fingertips. It allows doctors to record information on their services right into their mobile devices. Save time and record patient diagnoses and procedures at the point of care. Charges instantly sync to your Medcubics account from anywhere, saving time and paperwork and helps ensure an efficient and controlled charge capture process for large healthcare organizations.

Compliant Charge Capture

Mobile charge capture app allows doctors to record billing information and lightweight clinical data right into their iPhone, iPad, or Android at point of patient care.

Effortless Code Search

The advanced code search functionality is unbelievably fast and easy, giving providers a convenient way to select customized diagnosis codes during the charge capture process.

Flexible Web-based Reports

Productivity reports that let you monitor your activities. Easy access to metrics and trends help quickly identify bottlenecks, improve productivity and effectively manage a practice.

Seamless Integration

Charge codes are generated from each chart based on qualifying activity and are pushed behind the scenes to your Medcubics billing system.

Our Benefits

It’s designed to help physicians focus on patient care, and not on trying to track procedure code details. The charge capture feature also is aimed at helping to further streamline workflow and reduce days in accounts receivable (A/R). Charge capture makes it easier for your practice to bill and receive reimbursements quickly and correctly.

  • Improved user satisfaction through easily accessible, online charge capture forms
  • Increased reimbursement by reducing lost charges
  • Decreased turn-around time and days not-final-billed
  • Reduced resource utilization and costs

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