Patient Portal

Superior patient portal tools for secure communication and collaboration

We provide a single source solution for statement printing, mailing, paperless delivery, messaging and electronic payments. Our services are tailor made for your unique needs to flawlessly produce clear patient communication with our multichannel delivery of your vital customer communication.

Patient Portal Partner

Medcubics is associated with premier patient portal service providers like Bill flash, Pinnacle data systems etc. to provide one-stop shop for statement billing & payment services that works best for your practice needs, grows your practice and create a superior patient experience.

Collaborative Statement Design

We start with proven statement design ideas. Loads of them. Then we draft the brains behind customer communication in your company and throw them right into the creative mix. The end result is a clear, clean, user-friendly bill that helps boost revenue cycle performance.

Current Balances & eBill Statements

You can see current balances which reflect any payments received from the Patients before sending the bills out. Send bills securely online using our paperless delivery solution allows you to save on postage which is often the most expensive part of mailing.

Statement Printing & Mailing

Send professionally printed bills via USPS First-Class Mail. Customize accepted payment methods and messages. We bounce the bounce-backs and reduce bad debt by using USPS NCOALink technology to correct outdated or inaccurate address information before it’s delivered.

Online Payments

Accept credit card, debit card, check and cash payments along with Walk-in, Mail & Phone payments. Improve your cash flow and reduce your processing costs when customers choose to pay you online through our online options. Improve your Patient experience.

Messages & Reporting

Customized Messages can be recorded on all payments posted. Answer any patient questions when you can access all transaction in one screen. Comprehensive Reports are available to find payments by name, account, amount, date, location and method.

Our Benefits

Our patient portals get you full benefit of patient experience, improving patient outcomes and satisfaction. The result is better care delivery, increased collections and happier, healthier patients.      Our integrated patient portal can help you.

  • Accelerate and enhance receivables with statement printing and mail turnaround and simplicity.
  • Lower return mail costs and bad debt with statement address cleansing and verification.
  • Customize your messaging down to the individual statement or invoice with advanced variable print tools.
  • Delight your customers and reduce inquiries with an easy-to-read statements and on-line payment channels.
  • Communication capabilities of our patient portal helps you stay connected to optimize patient collections and experience.

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