Make your Practice
More Efficient and Profitable

Everything you need to reach your goals—in one platform. Medcubics was designed by clinicians and billers, specifically for the workflow of sophisticated practices like yours. Your revenue cycle is managed better than ever, and the reporting capabilities give you the insight to make smart business decisions.

Get Paid More Quickly
and Accurately

Streamline payment processes and enable faster reimbursement. We help offices get paid faster with automated services that streamline billing and coding processes. This results in a shorter revenue cycle to maximize collections, reduction in denied claims and ultimately increases cash flow.

Proven, Sophisticated
Technology to your Practice

Our patient intake app gives you easy-to-use solutions that help you serve your patients with personalized, compassionate care while keeping up a modern, successful practice. Patients can easily enter their own data, view medical history, receive clinical summaries, schedule appointments, and make payments online.

Complete Visibility
at your Fingertips

You'll spend more time being a doctor and less time acting like an accountant with a really expensive medical degree. Run your practice how you want to, from your computer, tablet, or mobile device. View schedules and patient charts, update billing, and record diagnosis at the point of care.



Complete, Affordable and Intuitive

Medcubics, a modern cloud-based medical billing software, providing you secure, easy and everywhere access to your practice. As the industry transitions to value-based care models, new solutions are required to enable collaboration, engage patients and manage costs. See how your practice can benefit financially and operationally with Medcubics, the proven practice management software.

Tailored to match your practice needs.

Your practice has two distinct sides: clinical and financial. With Medcubics, you can bring them together– for the sake of your patients and your business. Have your practice at your fingertips on the web, smartphone, and tablet PC. Seamlessly integrate scheduling, clinical workflow, patient engagement, and billing. Free your time to deliver truly innovative care.

Cloud Hosted Billing

Cloud hosted billing enables you to store and secure your data while processing the data at more faster and convenient fashion. Improved Productivity, Reduced cost.

Preferred EHR Integration

We understand the efforts involved in getting an EHR that suits your practice. Medcubics let you to enhance your billing with your existing EHR.

Performance Indicators

Instantly updated dashboard and performance indicators help you to monitor practice health and also help you identify the billing areas

Real-time Eligibility

Get real-time eligibility and benefits for a single patient or multiple patients. Perform the eligibility check anytime, prior to the appointment, during the billing or when you contact patients.

AR Workbench

Identify focus areas with the help of the AR dashboard and create as many workbenches &  have them resolved. Sorting claims by Payer, Age & Billed value helps you find the right solution.

Document Management

Medcubics allows you to create a workflow for every document you upload by reducing your time, cost and improve efficiency. Access your documents from anywhere and anytime.

Data Migration

Our experts with billing experience handle the process within the committed timeline for a seamless data migration. And you can continue your RCM activities with zero productivity loss.

Claims Management

Manage all your submissions, resubmission, Rejections from one screen. Don’t toggle around your PMS and Clearing house. Just use Medcubics for all your EDI & ERA files.


Import all your eRemittance files into the Medcubics and Auto post the payments in just one click. Track your unmatched ERAs to investigate further and fix incorrect data.

Take productivity and patient care

with you - anytime, anywhere


Control your schedule: add and edit appointments, schedule for single or multiple providers, and manage multiple locations.

Patient Intake

Patients can verify and update demographic and insurance information, complete clinical and assessment forms.

Charge Capture

Allows physicians to record information on their services anytime, anywhere. It saves time and records patient diagnoses and procedures at the point of care.

Secure Messaging

Our HIPAA compliant messaging portal allows you to safely exchange messages and documents with your clients.

Real-time Reports

Stay on top of your billing, understand your productivity, and track your performance with Billing Analytics from anywhere anytime.

Store & Forward

The application is fully functional when out of wireless or cellular coverage and synchronize later when you have Wi-Fi or cell service.

From solo practice to large practice...

We've got you covered.

From the front office to the back, Medcubics offers an innovative approach. Saves time, eases workflow, offers flexibility and delivers quick access. We are a partner for doctors and patients alike, so rely upon our dependable software and corporate commitment to customer service.

Get Paid More Quickly

Streamline payment processes and enable faster reimbursement. You’ll not only see an improvement in your revenue, but increased patient satisfaction.

Perfect for Any Size Practice

Whether you are an independent practice with a single provider or a larger practice with multiple providers, Medcubics can help you provide great patient care – profitably.

Premier Client Support

Medcubics offers personalized support and training. Our team will help set you up for success so that you can make the most of your medical software.


Why Switch?

Unsatisfied with your practice management system? Wondering if there’s a better solution out there for your practice?

You’re not alone! Consider joining the droves of Medcubics customers that have made the switch from other software systems, and never looked back.

Taking into account our 98% customer retention rate, chances are it’s the last switch you’ll make. With years track record, our PM solutions offer the proven performance practices need. Both patient and insurance billing workflows are continuously refined based on regulatory changes and input from our users to be simple, fast, and accurate.

Discover why so many physician practices are switching to Medcubics.



Are you getting ready to go out on your own and start your own medical practice?

There’s nothing more exciting than taking the plunge and opening your own practice.

Whether you’re separating from your current medical practice partners or no longer want to work for another doctor, CONGRATULATIONS! Going out on your own in a big step.

At Medcubics, we helped medical providers just like you start their own venture each and every day. We have also created packages to help you get started. We’ll work with you to ensure that every last detail is wrapped up with a bow.


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