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    Eliminate waiting by having patients fill out paper forms

    Before a patient’s medical appointment, the patient intake application allows for fast and proactive data collection. This application reduces the time patients spend registering, decreases errors caused by handwritten input, protects patient privacy, and makes data integration easier. Clinical decision-making, medical claims, reimbursement, patient payments, care coordination, follow-up, preventive health, and other activities use the data collected throughout this process. The patient intake procedure is also important for the operational, financial, and clinical success of medical practices and health systems.

    Our patient intake app gives you easy-to-use solutions that help you serve your patients with personalized and compassionate care while keeping up a modern, successful practice. Patients can easily enter their data, view medical history, receive clinical summaries, schedule appointments, and make payments online. 

    Pre-validate Insurance

    With Patient Intake, your staff can pre-validate insurance and reduce denials by resolving issues before the patient visits.

    Flexibility with Forms and Documents

    Need to print out demographic and insurance forms? Want to upload additional forms for patients to fill-in? You have this flexibility with Medcubics Patient Intake.

    Simple Integration into the Patient Record

    Your office staff are notified when the intake forms are ready for review and can easily integrate the patient's data.

    HIPAA Compliant and Secure

    Medcubics engages external certifying bodies and independent auditors to ensure that the Medcubics environment meets or exceeds applicable regulatory requirements and industry best practices.

    Our Benefits

    With Medcubics patient intake, you can leave the clutter and confusion of the paper forms behind. Delight your front office staff and patients by removing manual and redundant steps from your patient intake process. You get anywhere, anytime access to patient data.

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