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    Simplify billing and improve Revenue Cycle Management

    Whether you use an EHR or not, Our affordable and trusted practice management solutions help simplify the way you run your practice. Medcubics offers stand-alone medical billing solutions that help you to keep your reimbursements flowing while streamlining the complex processes your practice faces today. Designed completely in the cloud to secure your practice data while streamlining your billing functions and all the tools you need to manage your practice in a more convenient, intuitive & productive fashion.

    By allowing your practice to keep up with rapid change, improving patient satisfaction with your technology-enabled practice, and simplifying billing-related task management, you can free up your practice to focus on what matters most: patient care.

    When you select Medcubics Medical Billing Services, you are working with a team that has over a decade of experience in medical billing services. We have certified multi-specialty competence in a wide range of services, and we have an ever-growing list of clients who have been with us for many years. We have the experience to assist you in managing all of your billing-related tasks professionally.

    Appointment Scheduling

    Whether creating appointments, sending reminders or rescheduling appointments, they are all made easy to do from one screen with few clicks. Create new patients quickly and automatically while uploading their docs instantly. Customize your appointment scheduler as per your preferences.

    A/R Workbench

    The software also gives you more control over the handling of your outstanding AR. Create a workbench to prioritize your focus on insurance or patient follow-up. Customize your follow-up template for your specialty or payer type and reduce rework and improve efficiency. Get a glance at your key metrics at any time.

    Claims Management

    Track electronic and paper claims, submit or print claims, generate and view EDI reports instantly, work on rejections and resubmit claims - all from one screen. Save time with Medcubics' integrated clearinghouse reports, which implies you don’t need to access your clearinghouse. Not at all!

    Patient Statements

    Instantly post insurance or patient payments, post denials or transfer the balance with the use of inbuilt remark codes, and manage your patient's credits via wallet and apply when there is a new patient's balance. With a single click, you can automatically post your ERAs by saving time, reducing paperwork, and improving workflow efficiency.

    Our Benefits

    Medcubics gives you all the tools you need to manage all your billing functions. Having access to as much as data on your practice, you will have better control of the practice performance. In a nutshell, improves Cash Flow and Reduce Administrative Costs.

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